How The Light Gets In (in development)

Currently in development, this is a collaborative theatre performance and research project about compulsive hoarding. The creative team will share scenes from the script and musical score and discuss the ideas and the science behind the project.

In recent years the phenomenon of hoarding has received extensive media coverage – much of it sensationalist. How the Light Gets In will go beyond the headlines to explore in depth hoarding, drawing on psychology, therapy, genetics, and its emotional impact on family members. Stelios Kiosses, one of the UK’s leading experts on hoarding, is a script consultant for the project.

Created by Laura Cameron-Lewis, an award-winning theatre-maker who grew up in the home of a hoarder, in partnership with singer Camille O’Sullivan and stage designer Shona Reppe, the project is supported by the Wellcome Trust and the Mental Health Foundation.

Saturday 6 February 2016, 6.05pm Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh (Free)

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