All Back To Bowie’s

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All Back to Bowie’s, the show, ran at Stand in the Square in St Andrew Square, Edinburgh, from 1-24 August, as part of the Assembly Rooms Fringe programme (

It was created by playwright David Greig (The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart, Midsummer) and a collective of fellow Scottish artists from various disciplines – Peter Arnott, Sara Shaarawi, Andrew Eaton-Lewis, Laura Eaton-Lewis, Hamish Brown, Kieran Hurley, Julia Taudevin, Jenny Lindsay, Kirstin Innes, Cora Bissett, Karine Polwart, Lucy Macaulay, Fiona Ferguson – who co-curated the shows and took turns to present them.

In addition to the names listed above, each show features different guests – dozens of polemicists, poets, musicians and letter writers from across the globe, including some of Scotland’s leading thinkers on the referendum. For a complete list of contributors to the show, click on the podcasts page at

Each show explores a different referendum-related subject, from money to gender politics, and from Tory Scotland to liberal England. And the title of each show was a Bowie reference, from ‘Lady Stardust’ (a sold out appearance by Scotland’s deputy first minister Nicola Sturgeon) to ‘Dancing with the Big Boys’ (about potential negotiations after a Yes vote, with guest Jim Sillars).

The project will form part of the National Library of Scotland’s referendum archive, with a particular focus on the audience contributions – every day, we asked our audience to complete a sentence (‘Braveheart is…’, ‘Community is…’ etc). The contributions, written on whatever scraps of paper were available, were edited into a crowd-sourced poem during each show, and all of them are read out at the end of each podcast.

You can find highlights here:

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