(g)Host City – Virtual Festival

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(g)Host City Virtual Festival

This website link takes you to (g)Host City – Edinburgh’s Virtual Festival.  A project I started in 2011.

Every marker on this map points you to an artist’s response to a specific part of Edinburgh – a graveyard, a shopping centre, a city square, a ruined chapel.

Some take you on a journey, by foot or bus. Others invite you to stay still and contemplate the space in a new way.

If you are in Edinburgh, you can use this map to make an artistic journey around the city.

If you’re somewhere else, create your own (g)Host City by choosing your own locations to experience the work. Or just listen at home.

Artists who have made work especially for (g)Host City include Momus, Kieran Hurley, Alan Bissett, Kirstin Innes, William Letford, Jim Colquhoun, JL Williams, Kirsty Logan and more. We are currently seeing new submissions.

Explore the map to find an artwork near you. Alternatively, browse our A-Z of artists or A-Z of locations.

You can stream all of the artworks on the map for free via Bandcamp, or click on Bandcamp, iTunes or Amazon to download them in a way that suits you. Profits go directly to the artists who created the work.

Thank you for visiting (g)Host City. We hope you enjoy your stay.

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