Dr Simon Duffy reveals facts from Westminster welfare reforms are distorted to disguise the extent they are decimating lives

Facts on welfare reforms, distorted to disguise the extent they are decimating lives

Dr Simon Duffy shares some excellent research and analysis of the reporting and impact of the UK government’s welfare reforms, showing the extent to which they are stigmatising and decimating the lives of people with disabilities.  Facts are being distorted by Westminster and there is little accountability or transparency.

…At a deeper level we should question why we employ politicians and civil servants to deceive us and to stigmatise us. It may be that this is a constant problem in government; politicians seek legitimacy by distorting facts to suit themselves. Perhaps we all do this. But we grant politicians the power and resources to distort reality on a grand scale.

In particular we pay for an expensive professional civil service who serve politicians by creating systems, rules, policy changes and deceptive press releases. Perhaps it is time that the civil servants ask themselves some hard questions about their own complicity with this injustice. Good intentions and obedience to politicians are not enough. It is time the public sector and its agents remembered that they work for the public, not for our politicians.


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