The Darktown Cakewalk / Forgetful Green

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 16.15.49

Forgetful Green Linder Sterling/Tim Walker 2010

Linder Sterling: We filmed “Forgetful Green” on the morning after the 13-hour “Darktown Cakewalk.” We were all in a state of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion. The filming took place at the oldest rose growers in England, under 40 degrees of midsummer heat. The weariness of the “Cakewalk” pilgrims shows in every frame. Tim Walker captured everything perfectly — he used a Super 8 camera for the first time ever, and we all had made a prior agreement that whatever the weather, we would make the film on that day. Rain would have been very beautiful, too — Richard Nicoll’s costumes would have stood their biggest test yet. They’d already triumphantly survived the transition from the catwalk to the cakewalk, and to have seen the costumes rain sodden would have been spectacular.

Tim Walker: It really surprised me how she got these young actors and actresses to feel completely uninhibited ripping off all their clothes! Her gentle encouragement enticed a display of human sexuality, lunacy and chaos.

Film by Daniel Warren

The Darktown Cakewalk – performance improvisation, The Work Room, Glasgow. 2010

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